Education abroad- Comparison between USA, Canada, Australia and Ireland

Deciding to review abroad and selecting your space of study is barely the primary step. Then, choosing the proper university or faculty within the right country for you’ll provide you with sleepless nights. whereas your selection of university positively depends on the topic, there ar numerous criteria that need to be taken into thought before selecting between the various study abroad country choices – USA, Canada, Australia, Ireland, etc. to assist build your call easier and a lot of educated, here is an outline of bound necessary factors to require into thought whereas selecting among us of America (USA), Canada, Australia and eire as your study abroad destination.


  1. us of America


USA remains the foremost favoured destination for international students for learning abroad because it is home to the most effective universities within the world. The college man level education system is incredibly versatile in contrast to Republic of India. In India, you’re stuck to easily one space of study. The college man system permits you to handpick and tailor your subjects, even switch them, as per your selection that permits you to explore a lot of areas. On the flipside, the college man program may be a four years long program in contrast to a 3-year possibility in several different countries. once it involves Masters or Graduate Programs, North American nation Universities ar the hub of up-to-date world analysis in disciplines like Engineering, technology, etc. Students learning at such Universities get exposure to the newest analysis and developments in their field. Graduate programs within the North American nation usually take 1-2 years to complete.


Part time legal instrument

Working part-time within the USA on a student visa (F-1) comes with bound conditions and restrictions. Students will work on-campus with none previous approvals for twenty hours every week throughout semesters and forty hours every week throughout the break. this can be the sole employment possibility on the market to international students within the initial year. For operating off-campus when the primary year, international students need to demonstrate a qualifying economic hardship or Associate in Nursing emerging circumstance. Students need to apply to the involved official at the college explaining the explanation to figure off-campus. If the applying is approved, the scholar will work off-campus for twenty hours every week.


Immigration and Job Opportunities

The immigration system within the North American nation is presently subject to plenty of changes and speculation. The uncertainty in North American nation Immigration policies has caused a big decrease in international student applications. obtaining a student visa isn’t tough for a real student but there ar challenges once it involves obtaining a piece visa (H1B, L1, etc) or a positive identification.


For students graduating from North American nation Universities in Science, Technology, Engineering and arithmetic (STEM) courses, they’re entitled to ex gratia sensible coaching (OPT) for up to three years. this enables the scholars to figure in their field of study while not a piece visa for up to three years – this enables them adequate time to search out a sponsor for H1B visa. For non STEM students, choose is restricted to one year that makes things more difficult.


However, despite the challenges of the immigration policy, career opportunities ar the best in USA. Currently, the North American nation economy is growing extraordinarily well and career opportunities exist in virtually each field however particularly in Engineering and Technology.



Getting unsecured education loans for learning within the North American nation is relatively simple. Indian Banks and Non Banking Finance firms (NBFCs) supply Education Loans while not Collateral for MS in North American nation up to Rs. forty Lacs with interest rates beginning at eleven.5%. Students can even get Unsecured Education Loans from Banks and money establishments within the North American nation. If a student incorporates a co-signer / co-borrower within the North American nation, Education Loans (for Graduate and college man studies within the US) ar on the market with interest rates beginning at four-dimensional. If a student doesn’t have any co-signer / co-borrower, Education Loans (for Graduate studies within the prime Universities) ar on the market with interest rates beginning at Sep 11.


  1. Canada


Canada is gaining quality amongst students fascinated by education abroad as a result of its diversity. concerning twelve Canadian universities ar hierarchal within the Times educational activity Supplement prime two hundred. North American nation is additionally a a lot of economical possibility because it incorporates a lower price of education and living as compared to its counterparts like USA and Australia. In Canada, college man studies may be completed in three to four years counting on the University and program. Graduate programs sometimes take between one to two years to complete. several Canadian faculties and universities supply a spread of graduate-level certificate and certification programs additionally to the standard master’s degree programs. Certificate and certification programs ar usually centered towards any developing skilled skills and facilitate employed. additionally to the schools, Community faculties are in style amongst international students in North American nation. The one challenge that Indian students face in North American nation is that the harsh weather, particularly winters.


Part time legal instrument

Canada permits international students to figure on and off field for a most of twenty hours every week or full time throughout breaks with a sound study allow and a social welfare range. The study allow should indicate that the scholar is allowed to figure on or off field. in a very state of affairs that it doesn’t, the scholar merely should raise to amend the allow with none extra fee. On a median, students will earn $10 Associate in Nursing hour through Associate in Nursing on-campus job.


Immigration and Job Opportunities

Often called the land of immigrants, North American nation has opened its doors for migrants with its immigrant friendly policies. This has seen an increase in candidates. Students ar observing North American nation rather than USA as a result of its hospitable atmosphere and a booming economy for job prospects. International students will add North American nation for up to a few years when they graduate on a Post-Graduation legal instrument (PGWP), that helps them notice work and provides a entrance to permanent residence and, eventually, citizenship. a piece allow below the PGWP is typically issued for the length of the study program. The program should be longer than eight months failing that students don’t seem to be eligible for a piece allow. The specific Entry choice system that’s designed to pick out virtuoso staff for immigration to North American nation has created it easier for international students to create the transition to permanent residence.The specific Entry system may be a point-based system. Having high proficiency in English and French and having a loved one will provide you with extra points.


  1. Australia


After Britain and USA, Australia is that the most well-liked destination for college students. Australia is one among the dearer destinations to review abroad. it’s a high normal of living however conjointly a high normal of education. Even the wages in Australia ar over most countries. Australia’s Australian National University called Semitic deity, hierarchal twenty four within the QS World University Rankings 2019. Australia follows the 3-4 year college man system and a 1-2 year postgraduate system. Australia conjointly provides students Associate in Nursing choice to recruit for its graduate certification or certificate programs that ar centered on developing line of work skills. The Masters program is typically analysis based mostly.


Part time legal instrument

In Australia, students will work for forty hours in a very time period throughout the semester and full time throughout breaks. The forty hours a time period may be divided as per the discretion of the scholar i.e. you’ll work for ten hours in five days and thirty hours for the remaining days. The minimum hourly rate is concerning $11.64. A Tax File range is important to figure part-time.


Immigration and Job Opportunities

Australia incorporates a point-based system to get a piece visa. On the premise of your points, one will qualify for a piece visa. a number of the qualifying factors ar English proficiency, work expertise, age, occupation demand, etc. when graduation, students don’t get Associate in Nursing automatic right to remain and work for a specific amount. Australia has totally different types of work visas on the market so as to figure and eventually acquire permanent residency supported your skills and job and therefore the amount one is trying to find. The system could sound difficult however it’s not unsure like USA. However, Australia has recently started trying into the issues that a high rate of immigration is inflicting to the locals and their jobs which can bring some uncertainty to immigration choices within the future. Job opportunities ar lots and ar majorly obsessed with space of study and skills.


  1. Ireland


Ireland has currently become a well-liked study abroad destination for college students and may be a nice different to Britain. Ireland’s economy is additionally flourishing with Britain being unstable because of BREXIT. eire may be a strategic location to make a career, being the sole nation in Europe with English as its tongue. It offers a high normal of education to students with the govt finance over monetary unit 782 million annually in educational activity. eire is additionally proverbial to be one among the safest places within the world that is an additional profit. It follows the standard 3-4 year period for Bachelor’s Programs and 1-2 years for Master’s Programs. eire conjointly accepts students with fifteen years of education (3 year Bachelor’s program) in contrast to major North American nation Universities that need sixteen years of education (4 year Bachelor’s program). eire excels in pharmaceutical company and Technology and is thought for its research.


Part time legal instrument

Students with a sound Stamp two visa ar allowable to figure for twenty hours every week throughout the educational session and forty hours every week throughout the breaks. Ireland’s pay is nine.15 Euro. so as to figure in eire, a student needs a private Public Services range (PPS Number).


Immigration and Job Opportunities

Working in eire when finishing your degree is promising. eire has joined the international education market by its recent move of extending the amount that international graduates will keep and obtain employment in eire when their studies. the amount is currently twenty four months for advance courses like masters and Doctor of Philosophy. It remains twelve months for honours college man courses and six months for normal college man courses. Despite being a comparatively little economy, eire conjointly incorporates a promising job market with a number of the worldwide giants like Google and Apple having their offices in eire. Irish Universities are among the highest 1 Chronicles analysis establishments within the world that leaves choices open for those fascinated by analysis and academe.


Loans choices for North American nation, Australia and eire

Obtaining study abroad education loans for North American nation, Australia or eire is feasible. but choices for education loans while not collateral (unsecured education loans) ar restricted. Banks like depository financial institution of Republic of India, Bank of Baroda, ICICI Bank and Axis Bank supply loans with Collateral with interest rates ranging from ten.3%. Non Banking Finance firms supply Education Loans while not Collateral (Unsecured Study Abroad Loans) up to Rs. twenty Lacs (for chosen Universities and Programs) with interest rates ranging from twelve.5%.


Education Loans while not Coborrower and while not Collateral ar on the market for chosen colleges in North American nation with interest rates ranging from 100%.




To summarize, USA is clearly the most effective possibility for STEM programs given the top quality of education, wonderful job choices, handiness of education loans and therefore the 3 year choose possibility.


For Non STEM programs, eire and North American nation ar sensible choices considering the task opportunities and immigration prospects.


For programs like accounting and finance, Australia may be a sensible possibility given the abundance of job opportunities in this sector.